THIS is my friend Thomas Bradley.  He also goes by names such as Teebs, Thomar Birrrdly, and simply…TB.  He has been an incredible friend and I am pleased to have him on my friend team.  He is hard-working, creative & extremely talented at design as he works for Weiden + Kennedy and has his own side hustle with friends called PIZZA FRIDAY, which can be followed and gazed upon here: and also here: where he stores more images of type art he has created over the years.  He has aided in creating business logos all over town within the restaurant scene including Dig a Pony (as seen in above pic). 

My lovely brand logo was created by this fellow, as well as this classy wooden sign.  This sign was hand-carved with a rotary tool and stained by this very man I speak of.  Talk about hustle and dedication! 

Hats off to Mr. THOMAR BIRRDLY on this fine Friday…YOU DA BOMB.


Shot by Baker Poulshock